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Simple, Professional Logos

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$ 29 USD

Low resolution JPG
(800 x 600px)

Low resolution PNG
(Transparent background)


$ 59 USD

High resolution JPG

Transparent PNG

Vector EPS and PDF files

Black / White versions

Inverted color versions

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$ 99 USD

Everything in Professional


3 custom revisions with one of
our designers to give your logo
a personal touch

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  • Which logo package should I get?

    If you only plan to use your logo online, our Basic Logo Package should be enough. However if you plan to print your logo in very high resolution and need the vector files, get the Professional Package.

  • After I purchase the logo, can I still make changes?

    Yes. You can make unlimited changes to your logo colors, fonts, and even layout of your design and re-download it for free. Only when you change logo name, slogan, or symbol we will consider it’s a new logo design which you have to pay again in order to download the logo package files.

  • What's DESIGNER ASSIST logo option?

    Let say you have created a logo you like but still need to make a few tweaks which are unable to do with our tool. Select this package and tell our designer how you like it modified. Our designer will be able to make upto 3 custom logo revisions in order to achieve the result you like. (Coming soon…)

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